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All Weekend tickets include standard parking
If you require a live-in vehicle pass or are purchasing day tickets then please add the relevant parking to your order below before proceeding to checkout

09 July 2021 14:00
Weekend Live-In Vehicle Pass £53.50 (inc. £3.50 cmsn)
09 July 2021 14:00
Friday Car Parking £8.00 (inc. £0.50 cmsn)
10 July 2021 11:00
Saturday Car Parking £8.00 (inc. £0.50 cmsn)
11 July 2021 11:00
Sunday Car Parking £8.00 (inc. £0.50 cmsn)


Phone Charging/Valuables lockers
Dimensions: 150mm D x 200mm W x 100mm H
Each locker has its own USB port allowing you to charge your phone using your own cables. Also Ideal for storing your car keys, wallets and phones etc so that you don't have to carry around all day.

11 July 2021 12:00
Friday Phone Charging/Valuables Locker £11.00 (inc. £1.00 cmsn)
Saturday Phone Charging/Valuables Locker £11.00 (inc. £1.00 cmsn)
Sunday Phone Charging/Valuables Locker £11.00 (inc. £1.00 cmsn)
Weekend Phone Charging/Valuables Locker £16.00 (inc. £1.00 cmsn)

Storage Lockers
Dimensions: 450mm D x 245mm W x 280mm H
Ideal for storing backpacks, coats, jumpers etc Leave them in the centrally located locker area with a built in combination lock and a wrist band to gain access.

11 July 2021 12:00
Friday Storage Locker £11.00 (inc. £1.00 cmsn)
Saturday Storage Locker £11.00 (inc. £1.00 cmsn)
Sunday Storage Locker £11.00 (inc. £1.00 cmsn)
Weekend Storage Locker £16.00 (inc. £1.00 cmsn)

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